Monday, 29 April 2013

The Summer Camp Diary – Week 0 (Apr 15 – Apr 21)

Summer vacation, without exception, is laden with anticipation of fun and excitement of kids of all age. Travel plans, Music & Dance classes, Sports, Lazing around, Hang-outs with friends……….and the list goes on and on. Studies don’t even loom around.
At Mantra, we had an exciting idea. How crazy would it be to make kids fall in love with Science & Mathematics this summer..!
And thus, Mission ‘Science-o-mania’ was born. :)

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached’ - The week that was spent to woo kids

“Who wants to study in summer break? C’mon…”
“Will you let us play computer games?”
“Will you conduct a calligraphy course?”
“Arts and Crafts are much more fun. They anyways teach Science and Maths in School.”
And then we realized that kids can be the toughest customers. They have no pretense – if they don’t like it, they won’t have it. Honest & brutal refusal…flat on our face.
But we too were not ready to give up.
Persistence can sometimes make those ‘hard rock’ resistance go soft. Door-to-door campaigning in the sizzling sun, talking relentlessly to kids & their parents, letting the zeal & energy run high - we were a team on a mission.
And we succeeded. We succeeded in making them see the merit in the idea. Kids decided to give us a chance.
An odyssey thus began to unfold….

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