Monday, 20 May 2013

The Summer Camp Diary – Week 1 to week 4

It was four weeks of absolute delight. We couldn’t have asked for a more heterogeneous group. There were kids from class 2nd to class 8th. The camp kick-started with introduction, team-building exercises, games and other fun activities.

In the forthcoming days, several topics of science and Mathematics were covered. Some of them were: Our Food, Food for plants – Photosynthesis, Food for Animals: Eating habits, Food Pyramid, Food Chain, Primary & Secondary colors, Rainbow, Solar System, Pollution, Electricity, Multiplication using Vedic Maths, Speed Maths etc. We even had a Treasure Hunt organized that touched the topics of social sciences.

And yet again our belief in the effectiveness of activity based learning got strengthened. We used videos to explain the concepts and kids used to demonstrate their understanding through skits, group discussions and drawings. The last week was spent to create working models on the various topics covered. Pls visit our facebook page to have a look at the models.

Children also celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ and overwhelmed their moms with an awesome skit and dance performance. Even the idea and storyline of skit was proposed by kids themselves.

The last day of summer camp witnessed an exhibition put up by kids, where they proudly showcased and explained their models to the audience. And while every single member in the audience was engrossed looking at the models, kids started a flash mob. It was fun. It was purely enchanting watching kids in such action.  There was no trace of exhaustion on their faces even after three action-packed hours.

We’ll miss you kids..!! Last four weeks were simply fantastic.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Inviting applications for 'Program Manager' at Mantra4Change

At Mantra4Change, we are currently looking for a ‘Program Manager’ to drive and implement one of our pioneer programs in the field of School Education.

Location: Bangalore

The Program Manager (PM) will:-
  •  Work with the leadership team to develop the School Transformation program
  •  Implement the program in the schools- this would include interacting with school children, teachers & volunteers
  •  Manage the relationship and communicate with the school authorities and all related stakeholders of the program
  •  Facilitate various events for the students- including competitions, surveys etc.
  •  Conduct Teachers’ Training to empower school teachers
  •  Analyze and report student’s performance and drive assessment led reforms
  •  Support scaling up of program as required & be flexible in taking up different projects in school environment.
Qualifications/ Experience:
    1. Minimum qualification required is Graduation.
    2. Experience in Classroom Teaching, delivering educational programs & activities are desirable and is an added advantage.
    3. Competencies Required:
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Commitment and Passion for Education
  • Prior Classroom teaching experience is desirable
  • Ability to work with people from diverse social & religious backgrounds
  • Excellent leadership and managerial skills
  • Proficiency in written and verbal English

Last date for Application: Wednesday, May 15th 2013

If Interested, mail your CV to

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Summer Camp Diary – Week 0 (Apr 15 – Apr 21)

Summer vacation, without exception, is laden with anticipation of fun and excitement of kids of all age. Travel plans, Music & Dance classes, Sports, Lazing around, Hang-outs with friends……….and the list goes on and on. Studies don’t even loom around.
At Mantra, we had an exciting idea. How crazy would it be to make kids fall in love with Science & Mathematics this summer..!
And thus, Mission ‘Science-o-mania’ was born. :)

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached’ - The week that was spent to woo kids

“Who wants to study in summer break? C’mon…”
“Will you let us play computer games?”
“Will you conduct a calligraphy course?”
“Arts and Crafts are much more fun. They anyways teach Science and Maths in School.”
And then we realized that kids can be the toughest customers. They have no pretense – if they don’t like it, they won’t have it. Honest & brutal refusal…flat on our face.
But we too were not ready to give up.
Persistence can sometimes make those ‘hard rock’ resistance go soft. Door-to-door campaigning in the sizzling sun, talking relentlessly to kids & their parents, letting the zeal & energy run high - we were a team on a mission.
And we succeeded. We succeeded in making them see the merit in the idea. Kids decided to give us a chance.
An odyssey thus began to unfold….