Monday, 20 May 2013

The Summer Camp Diary – Week 1 to week 4

It was four weeks of absolute delight. We couldn’t have asked for a more heterogeneous group. There were kids from class 2nd to class 8th. The camp kick-started with introduction, team-building exercises, games and other fun activities.

In the forthcoming days, several topics of science and Mathematics were covered. Some of them were: Our Food, Food for plants – Photosynthesis, Food for Animals: Eating habits, Food Pyramid, Food Chain, Primary & Secondary colors, Rainbow, Solar System, Pollution, Electricity, Multiplication using Vedic Maths, Speed Maths etc. We even had a Treasure Hunt organized that touched the topics of social sciences.

And yet again our belief in the effectiveness of activity based learning got strengthened. We used videos to explain the concepts and kids used to demonstrate their understanding through skits, group discussions and drawings. The last week was spent to create working models on the various topics covered. Pls visit our facebook page to have a look at the models.

Children also celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ and overwhelmed their moms with an awesome skit and dance performance. Even the idea and storyline of skit was proposed by kids themselves.

The last day of summer camp witnessed an exhibition put up by kids, where they proudly showcased and explained their models to the audience. And while every single member in the audience was engrossed looking at the models, kids started a flash mob. It was fun. It was purely enchanting watching kids in such action.  There was no trace of exhaustion on their faces even after three action-packed hours.

We’ll miss you kids..!! Last four weeks were simply fantastic.

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