Saturday, 7 November 2015

Thanks for supporting our Run2Liberate

Thank you all for your overwhelming support to our crowd-source fundraising campaign, Run2Liberate. We are glad to share that with the help of over 31 amazing supporters like you, we were able to raise approx. INR 1,50,000. It always fills our heart with deep gratitude and enthusiasm to have your support.

On October 18th 2015, Team MANTRA participated in the Bengaluru Marathon to spread awareness towards the cause of quality education for children from under-privileged communities. We also requested our supporters to help us raise funds to support our Target program - the pre-service, community-based teacher training program. The campaign was meant to support these amazing youngsters from community who have taken the responsibility to change the face of education in their neighborhood.

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Every morning, I wake up with a purpose..!  

Bengaluru Marathon 2015 and MANTRA's Run2Liberate

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