Monday, 24 September 2012

K-cafe - a MANTRA initiative

In today's world, where schools have become a business enterprise and education sector a profitable investment option, who has time to look beyond books..? One class with 40+ kids - Individual attention to students is just an illusion. The rote-learning and conventional pedagogy methods (incl. "go and stand out of the class" situations) have left no stone unturned to kill the caterpillar of curiosity and inquisitiveness before they could change into the colorful, lively butterflies.

At MANTRA, we realize that curiosity is the stepping stone to real learning. And inquisitiveness in child makes this entire learning process fun - because, then children do not perceive it as being forced upon them. Ever since this realization dawned upon us, we had been playing with ideas to rectify this problem. Hence came the K-cafe.

K-cafe is an informal forum, where children can uninterruptedly question, discuss and share their idea/s in Science & Technology, Mathematics, Languages and Humanities. We intend to blend learning into excitement and into an ever-lasting impact.

We call it an Ultimate Hangout for Knowledge. :)

Come, let's Question, Discuss and Explore.

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