Saturday, 22 September 2012

MANTRA Programs - an introduction

MANTRA an an organization is committed to the cause of Education and Healthcare. Aligned with the vision, "To champion the never-ending quest for a better world through our innovative models and projects, making Education and Health the flywheel of development"

MANTRA began its sojourn in the year 2012 with the launch of two Programs:

1. TaRgET (Talent Recognition, Engagement and Training)

Through this, we aim to prepare children for an increasingly competitive world - one that requires our children to have skills over and beyond prescribed.  

TaRget aims at identifying outstanding young talent across socio-economic spectrum through various products and projects and provide them with opportunities in form of mentorship, scholarship and other such vehicle/s so as to ensure that such talent have a successful and impactful careers in the long term.

2. PreCIOUS (Preventive Care for Inhabitants of Urban Slums)

PreCIOUS is MANTRA's attempt to promote the myriad aspects of  Preventive healthcare in day-to-day lives, especially for the economically challenged. 

With rising cost of curative healthcare (treatments), do those residing in slums, under unhygienic and inhuman circumstances, have an alternative than getting into debts? Yes. 

PreCIOUS aims at raising the healthcare related awareness among the mass and at promoting the cost-effective solutions to a healthy & smiling life. 

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